Gonna Make You Sweat: Day 8

A picture of the best moment of your life
First off, I know this is 100 day picture blog and 100 days have probably passed since I last wrote, but life has been in the way. Hopefully with the changing of the season comes a change that allows me more time to read and write. Two things I dearly miss right now. 
I've had many great moments of my life and many great people to share it with. I want to share is what has been most influential to me recently. Bootcamp. In late April I started doing an outdoor fitness bootcamp with ABC Fitness Company. This was something a coworker told me about, and I thought she was crazy. I thought I'd have to be crazy for getting up that early! But I wasn't active. I danced for 15 years and after that kind of stopped moving. Eating terribly. I was always tired, not feeling well, my migraines were starting to get worse. So I decided to take that leap and be crazy. Along with my roommate and another coworker we started our journey to a better us. Since late April I have completed three 6 week bootcamp sessions, lost about 20 pounds, 24inches, 8% body fat, and 3 pant sizes. Not to mention I feel AMAZING :) Im also very proud of my dad for completing two bootcamps with me and my awesome friend for starting this one with me. I can't forget my trainer Stacie, she was 70% of the reason I went. Supported me when I needed support and gave me the best workouts of my life. To her I owe a lot.
I am now working my way towards running a 5K, 10K, half-marathon and full marathon in the next year. In addition to those races I have decided to participate in Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and Tough Mudder. Just to be a badass, you know.
Above are my before and after pictures. The pictures of me are after the first two camps spanning over 16 weeks. The picture below is the results of fitness testing from the first and last day of camp.

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