Blame it on the Alcohol

Viva Las Vegas
I recently took a short vacation to the wonderful Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. The trip was filled with a whole lot of laughs, alcohol, dancing, and sleeping. Here are a few pics to recap the vacation. 
Night 1
Deepa, Wynter and I headed to Moon at the Palms the first night. It happened to be St Patrick's Day and March Madness, so you could imagine the people. We headed to the Playboy Club for a bit, but made our way back to Moon for the rest of the night.

Night 2

The second night Nicole flew in, and while waiting for her to arrive, the ladies and I went to Tao, which was located where we stayed. It was awesome :) We somehow were able to get Nicole in without waiting in line and got her wrist "re-stamped" because her "first stamp" "rubbed off"

Night 3
The third night was definitely the most interesting. We ended up first at Tryst and the XS. Holly Madison was at XS while we were there, and ran into a Russell Brand look a like. Or maybe it was him... The music was awesome and the dancing was insane. When I think of Vegas, XS is definitely what I thought it was going to be. This night I started to introduce myself as Roxie.

Unfortunately my sister was sick and was unable to go :( We will just have to make it there another St Patrick's Day/March Madness another year. All in all it was a good trip :)


You Can't Always Get What You Want

I have recently started to watch the show Californication (showtime) and have done some life reflection if you will. It's funny how you can see parts of your life reflected in bits of fiction. Some how living on this roller coaster of life seems to work itself out at times. Yet everything has a way of turning to shit once in a while. Are we constantly fixing our mistakes and rebuilding the broken? Or are we soaring in our triumphs with speed bums to run over. I'll take the latter. The only way to be a good optimist is to know the pessimists point of view. Don't get me wrong, we've all been in that place where life is utterly broken into the tiniest of pieces. But even then most all recover somehow. 
I think I've learned a lot these past couple years. Through tragedy and heartbreak I've found a part of myself, an important part at that. After it all I always find myself in the same place, just a little more grown up. 
Californication is a show about this roller coaster. Where happy endings are questionable and life turns to shit. Yet through that, life works itself out to some peaceful place. Everything in between is pushed in as well. And love? "what if love isn't enough?" well i know a lot of people have an opinion on that subject.  Do we let life lead or do we fight?
You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need...