Supermassive Black Hole: Day 10

Your bedroom (In it's current state)


So every once in a while I clean my room, but usually it looks like this. Cleaning my room usually makes it harder to find things. A few of my favorite things about my room are my blankets, they are sooo comfy and make it hard to get out of bed. I love my empty Jack Daniels bottles, it usually surprises people that a girl like myself would drink whiskey. I also love the random music posters and albums that I have, they show a little peak into my love of that world.


You are What You Love: Day 9

A talent of yours

Now. I know I said I was doing a 100 day photo challenge about a year and a half ago. I honestly had really good intentions. But alas life gets crazy and certain priorities get swept under the bed with the rest of the dust. Since then I have had a job promotion, been in a terrible car accident, made new friends, read some really great books, seen some really great movies, been through physical therapy, went to Hawaii, gained a new appreciation for beer and wine, and learned what it feels like to have a concussion. 

I loved writing my blog before and decided to get back on the saddle. With managing more and doing hair less I need some where else to place my creativity. I may not be the best writer but I've found I have something to say. Whether you like how I say it is your opinion, and by all means, have it. 

So here we are on day 9 (only 128943241 days late). A talent of yours. Well I make hair magic. All day every day. This January I will have been doing hair for SEVEN YEARS. That blows my mind a little and makes me feel old. In July 2014 I will have been licensed for 6 years. That blows my mind a little too. It's absolutely crazy the things I know about this industry. I've been very lucky to have AMAZING mentors and education in my field. Most of my education has come from Redken and Aveda, both of which has helped me grows as a salon professional immensely.

At the end of the day I can go home and know that I made at least one person feel beautiful. Who wouldn't love that?

Above is a picture of a good friend of mine. It's amazing how you can change someones look by making certain changes. This is one of my favorite transformations.